Postdoctoral Fellow, Autoimmunity and Immunoregulation
Postdoctoral Fellow, Autoimmunity and Immunoregulation

Job Code: CF03-27


A postdoctoral position is open to pursue research in the areas of regulatory T cells, mucosal tolerance, and autoimmunity, with an emphasis on developing novel approaches to promote antigen-specific tolerance in type-1 (autoimmune) diabetes. The successful candidate will have training and expertise in mucosal immunology, regulatory T cell biology, autoimmunity, or related fields of immunology. The postdoc will design and implement experiments exploring new biology in the area of mucosal tolerance and its application to disease research in autoimmunity, and in particular type-1 diabetes.


• Knowledge of techniques such as in vivo modeling of immune function, flow cytometry, immune cellular assays, DNA/RNA/protein analysis, is highly desirable

• Ph.D. in a relevant field of study, and a successful publication record

• Excellent communication, organization, writing and data analysis skills are also a must, as well as a positive outlook and a team-oriented attitude 

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