Research Symposium
Research Symposium

GNF-JDRF Diabetes Research Symposium

The GNF-JDRF Diabetes Research Symposium now in its sixth year, grew out of a strong desire from researchers and diabetes cure advocates to keep the community engaged and abreast of the current progress in diabetes research. The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) and JDRF came together in late-2009 with promising research and drug discovery platforms, disease area expertise, funding, and a collective goal of finding a cure for T1D. GNF and JDRF continue to collaborate on their efforts toward finding a cure, as well as raising funds, allowing this important scientific research to move forward. The symposium seeks to call together the scientific community’s foremost researchers in diabetes to inspire and inform. This year, the GNF-JDRF Diabetes Research Symposium focuses on ’New Frontiers in Beta Cell Biology’. The meeting will be held at GNF, in the scenic Torrey Pines area of San Diego, California.

2015 Research Symposium Registration
To register for the meeting, please fill out the registration form available from this link and return via email to:

To view the 6th Annual GNF-JDRF Diabetes Research Symposium flyer, please click here