Sr Principal Scientist Computer Aided Drug Design Novartis San Diego

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Sr Principal Scientist Computer Aided Drug Design Novartis San Diego

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4 FDA approved drugs; 15+ clinical candidates; 400+ patents; 20 years of GNF history! For over 21 years, the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) has been doing cutting-edge innovative drug discovery for Novartis global research organization, the Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research (NIBR).

The Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research at GNF is seeking a highly motivated individual to fill a Senior Principal Scientist position in Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD).

The successful candidate will lead a group of Computational Chemists and work closely with internal and external interdisciplinary drug development teams performing structure and ligand based computational design to address biomedical need across a wide range of disease areas and drug modalities.

The chosen applicant will play an integral role in defining the direction and science of Computation Design at NIBR / GNF

Your responsibilities:
• Coordinate internal Computational drug design and collaborate with internal and external partners in drug design.
• Initiate and lead structure-based design projects in relevant therapeutic areas, collaborating with medicinal chemistry and to optimize design and targeting strategies.
• Partner with colleagues in medicinal chemistry, structural biology, discovery biology and biotherapeutics to apply innovative computational approaches to accelerate the development of novel drugs and drug modalities.
• Evaluate emerging computational and drug modalities and their application to drug discovery workflows.
• Define, implement and communicate computational strategies to cross-disciplinary teams via conventional and state of the art approaches such as Virtual Reality.



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San Diego, CA

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Research & Development

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What you will bring to the role:
• Ph.D. degree in Computational Chemistry or a related discipline with at least 3 years’ experience in an Industrial or Equivalent Computer Aided Drug Design environment.
• Ability to collaborate and lead in a global multidisciplinary drug design environment
• Strong track record of scientific accomplishment with experience in a variety of drug discovery techniques such as small molecule ligand and structure-based design, virtual and pharmacophore ligand screening, covalent compound design, molecular dynamics and computational quantum mechanical techniques.
• Aptitude for application of chemical biology techniques to develop new drug modalities for hard to drug targets.
• Advanced understanding of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery with capabilities in several of the following areas - bioassays, cheminformatics, SAR analysis and calculation of ADME/Toxicology properties of molecules.
• Knowledge of multiple state-of-the-art drug design tools such as, Maestro (Schrodinger), MOE (CCG), Rosetta, Knime and ICM (Molsoft)
• Excellent written, oral and visual communication skills for work in a number of cross-disciplinary teams.

Desirable Experience:
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Experience in modern computational skills such as scripting, data science and machine learning/artificial intelligence preferred.

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