Engineering / Automation

Engineering / Automation

GNF Engineering has helped to ensure that scientific discoveries aren’t held back by the limitations of existing technologies, or slowed down by laborious iterations and paperwork. GNF’s many first in class technologies have all begun as scientists’ dreams for assays and experiments that would further scientific knowledge and drug discovery if only the technology was there to support it.

Early successes include the functional specification for a multi-cell robotic system for processing 1536 well plates, enabling high throughput target identification, as well as an automated system for high throughput protein purification and crystallization for structural biology.

Automated technology expertise is an essential tool for scientific discovery. Our Advanced Automation Technologies group identifies, develops, deploys and refines these technologies to accelerate the pace of research breakthroughs throughout the Institute and the larger Novartis organization.

Working closely with other research groups, our team builds and operates automation systems deployed in high throughput flow cytometry, automated cellular profiling, automated tissue culture, protein expression and purification, and ultra-high throughput screening in complex biological assays.