Luminescent Plate Reader

The GNF Systems Luminescent Plate Reader (LPR) is built to enable fast, reliable, and sensitive luminescent assays. A custom designed telecentric lens system ensures the best possible light transmission and accurate results. The LPR performs equally well either when integrated on cutting-edge HTS platforms or in standalone applications at the bench.

Dimensions (H x W x L):
49” x 16“ x 25”
Spectral Instruments 850 w/ recirculating chiller 
Custom built telecentric FOV (128mm x 85mm) 
 1nM ATP (white 1536, 1:1 CTG, 2x binning) 
Dynamic Range:
4 orders of magnitude
Plate Compatibility:
Unparalleled Reliability

Robust Software

Advanced cosmic ray detection and bias calibration maximize signal to noise ratio.  Software options, such as plate type, pixel binning, exposure time, and gain control, provide the flexibility to handle any assay condition

Engineered to Perform

Engineered to Perform

Built to the GNF standard from the ground up, the LPR is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of cycles without any scheduled service, producing excellent data quality read after read.

Direct Robot Access

Custom Designed Lens 

Quantification of even very faint signals is made possible by the proprietary telecentric lens.  Undesirable artifacts are virtually eliminated, leading to maximized sensitivity.  With fewer moving parts than its competition, the LPR lens is not only faster but more reliable in the long term.

Unparalleled Reliability


Collaboration between our engineers and GNF’s own HTS system operators put data quality and utility at the forefront of the LPR development.  With an integrated barcode reader and CVs typically well below 5%, analysis can be conducted with confidence.  From classic modalities, such as reporter gene expression, to more exotic protein-protein interaction or endogenous expression assays using new luciferase enzymes, the LPR is poised to advance your scientific applications.

Effective Sterilization

Built for Speed

The active positioning nest allows for direct loading by either our renowned GNF Systems gripper or other third party robots.  Additionally, direct plate loading means faster cycle times with fewer plate handling faults.