One Tip Dispenser

The GNF Systems One Tip Dispenser is the newest technology in our liquid handling toolbox. As an integrated device for reagent dispensing, it provides significant dispensing capacity in an efficient form, leaving valuable real estate for other devices. The small footprint fits easily into tight offline environments for simplified benchtop assay development.

Dimensions (H x W x L):
13” x 9“ x 17”
Dispense Volumes:
Minimum 0.5µL, CV <5%
No Aspiration
Dispense Heads:
Single Tip, either angled or straight 
Fluid Compatibility:
Aqueous or DMSO compatible
5µL 1536-well plate dispensed in <3 min 
Plate Compatibility:
96-,384-,1536-well low profile and standard height, user-definable.
Unparalleled Reliability

Familiar Software 

By utilizing the same PDCapp software that powers our WDII, all the features you need are available without any new software to learn.

Effective Sterilization

Simplified Setup 

The 1TD was designed with simplicity in mind.  Z-axis adjustment is achieved through a reliable rack and pinion mechanism.  No software or plate-based settings are required for alignment.

Direct Robot Access

Superior Technology 

All the core dispensing technology from the WDII can be found in the 1TD.  User-controllable tip height, flow rate, dispense angle, dwell time, and well pattern combine to easy assay development.

Unparalleled Reliability

Flexible Dispensing 

Essential to gentle cell handling, our angled tip holders allow for reagent dispensing without disturbing suspension or loosely adherent cells.  The straight tip configuration serves well in dispensing applications where rapid mixing is desired.

Effective Sterilization

Hardware Architecture 

Unmatched reliability and robustness have become hallmarks of GNF Systems automation and the 1TD is no exception.  Custom internal components were designed to be user-serviceable. Thus repairs can be performed by the end user with simple tools, reducing service costs.

Direct Robot Access

Designed For Integration 

By strategically integrating 1TDs into your workflow, you can implement the same advanced dispensing technology available in our Washer/Dispenser II in a significantly smaller footprint.