Washer/Dispenser II

The GNF Systems WDII represents the gold standard in liquid dispensing and aspiration technology for microtiter plates. Available configured as either a bench-top device or integrated into a GNF Systems automation platform, the WDII combines the finesse needed to successfully perform sensitive assays while still providing the throughput required for demanding screens.

Dimensions (H x W x L):
24” x 12“ x 36”
Dispense Volumes:
Minimum 0.5µL, CV <5% 
16- or 32-pin heads available & control over aspiration heights, velocities, dwell times, and vacuum flow rates.
Dispense Heads:
Two user-swappable heads (8 tips each), angled or straight.
Fluid Compatibility:
Aqueous or DMSO compatible
5µL 1536-well plate dispensed in <25 sec 
Plate Compatibility:
96-,384-,1536-well, low profile and standard height, user-definable.
Unparalleled Reliability

Up to 16 Unique Reagents 

Multiple reagents with dedicated fluid paths means users have precise control of dispensing volumes/patterns, enabling virtually infinite possibilities when performing assay development.

Effective Sterilization

Row & Column Masking 

Simple masking interface makes it easy to block out rows, columns, or wells, and is especially useful for positive and/or negative control reagent additions.

Direct Robot Access

Recirculation Loop 

Reversible, variable speed pump ensures cells stay suspended and enables easy recapture of precious reagents.

Unparalleled Reliability

Superior Technology 

The WDII core functionality revolves around a flexible and superior dispensing technology.  User-controllable tip height, flow rate, dispense angle, dwell time, and well pattern combine to make the most complex assay development simple, even sophisticated Design-of-Experiment protocols.

Effective Sterilization

The Flexibility to Advance Your Assays

Flexible features such as custom plate types empower you to precisely handle the increased complexity of assays in today's sophisticated drug discovery and HTS environments.

Direct Robot Access

Magnetic Nest Insert

The magnetic nest makes performing bead based assays a snap, dropping right into the existing nest- no modifications required.

Unparalleled Reliability

Designed For Integration 

The WDII was designed to be equally powerful either as a stand-alone  device or when integrated into a modern HTS environment.  Plate unloading can occur during tip washing thus maximizing efficiency.